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Old/Current Students

Step 1.

Login to the student portal at Then click current student.


Step 2.

Locate the main menu at the left side of the main dashboard, then click registration.


Step 3.

3a. To add a subject, select the available subject and section, then click the + button to add the subject.

Adding Subjects

3b. To remove a subject, click the red x button on the same row of the subject you wish to remove.

Deleting Subjects

Step 4.

Verify the registered subjects, then click next on the lower right part of the screen.

Verify Registered Subject

Step 5.

Select the mode of payment, then click submit enrollment.

Mode of Payment

Next: Payment Procedure Guide

Great Job! You're now done registering your subjects. You may now want to check the payment procedure guide to complete your enrollment.

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